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Cracking The Curatorial Video

Cracking the Curatorial was the first seminar held at FACT as part of the Open CuRate It initiative which continues throughout the next three months.

Creative programming and ways of curating were discussed in a room full of  people from all walks of the arts world, from young students to retired programmers. This helped generating a very rich and informal exchange of ideas which led to a rise in enthusiasm with the constructed notion that curating a meaningful creative programming is accessible to anyone who is willing to network and make the best use out of their passions.

Speakers included Abigail Christenson from Tate Liverpool, with a back story on institutional investment in community collaboration; Nina Edge on using participatory media for art and activism and why institutions need to be more open; Neil Morrin on his work with Defnet Media; Jennifer Welch on her mediated garden project; and Wolstenholme Creative Space on the struggles of running a community based arts organization.

Watch the full seminar video stream by clicking the link above.