Liverpool: 3rd March 2012

10am – 6pm at the Bluecoat

The Bluecoat Open Studios

As part of this opportunity across the city to find out about contemporary artists’ practice, some of the Bluecoat’s creative community artists open their studios to the public.

Free, just turn up.

The Royal Standard Launches Dialogues 

Dialogues is a year long programme led by The Royal Standard which will address the needs of Liverpool’s creative community through events, open forums and commissioned works. It will provide opportunities to explore current themes in contemporary artistic practice as well as strengthening links and partnerships between Liverpool’s cultural organisations and local artists.

We have programmed a series of key events, all of which are free and open to a public audience. They will act as catalysts for discussion and debate, which in turn will lead to further events being programmed in response. Dialogues has been designed to allow its audience as much input as possible, letting them shape the programme’s direction to their needs.

2-3pm at The Royal Standard

Dialogues Presents: Artist Talk from Oliver Braid

Last year artist Oliver Braid embarked on a mission to develop relationships with the five most attractive young male undergraduates from Glasgow School of Art, in the hope of better understanding his interactions with other men. The documentation and interpretation of these encounters form the basis for his new work ‘My Five New Friends’.

Saturday 3rd March will be the final day ‘My Five New Friends’ can be seen at The Royal Standard. To mark this occasion Braid will give a Talk about the exhibition in collaboration with Stephen O’Toole, one of the writers who guest edited the online version of My Five New Friends and an Art-psychotherapist.

4-6pm at the Bluecoat

Dialogues Presents: Reactor micro-projects

Reactor is an art collective that creates projects in which audiences become active participants.

Reactor leaves no room for the passive observer, creating work in which, rather than being forced, active engagement becomes the norm. Group dynamics and social interaction come to the fore, as participants immerse themselves in an unknown that invites risk-taking and a heightened sense of reality.

A day-long workshop will take place at the Bluecoat, where Reactor will work with participants to develop a series of micro-projects, which the public are invited to inhabit and experience.

7pm-12am at Wolstenholme Creative Space

Fixation Closing Party

Wolstenholme Creative Space opens its doors for one last chance to see current exhibition ‘Fixation’, curated by Joe McNulty.

Focusing on the nature of obsession, Fixation presents work from a variety of sources in an exhibition that is diverse but cohesive in theme and media; producing a focal point for dialogue and reflection. Come and join us for an evening of drinks and interesting sound performances!


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