Boo Chapple on Cracking the Curatorial

This Friday, March 2nd, FACT is the host to Cracking the Curatorial, a one-off seminar and discussion on curating as an important form of public meaning making. More on the event here

Cracking the Curatorial is also the launch event for Open Curate It, a three month programme of events and an online participation space designed to experiment with new models of curation and institutional engagement through emerging forms of media. We caught up with Boo Chapple, project leader for Open Curate It, who tells us more about the seminar, its aims and its role in NorthWest Visual Arts Open…

What is Open Curate It and its aims?

Open Curate It is a FACT led programme of events, workshops, classes, seminars, a discussion forum and online open ‘wall space’ designed to engage with the curatorial function of playlist culture. We all curate stories, images, and our lists of the best stuff. We publish our interests to social media sites and suggest what others might find meaningful. Over the course of the programme we will be talking about and experimenting with how these practices might be better engaged by arts organisations such as FACT and help us to be more connected to our community.

What should people expect of the opening seminar Cracking the Curatorial?

The focus of the seminar will be on discussing the question of institutional-community collaboration with respect to the popular function of curation in social media culture. What is the role of an arts institution in providing a framework for this kind of meaning making, what are the institutional agendas at play, and how can organisations become better connected to their communities through participatory media?

There will be presentations from Abigail Christenson (Tate Liverpool), Nina Edge (artist and community activist), Neil Morrin (Defnet Media), Caroline Smith and Priya Sharma (Wolstenholme Creative Space), Jennifer Welch ( and an open space for participants to pitch a 5 minute presentation on their angle on institutional collaboration.

What role does this initiative play in the Northwest Visual Arts Open 2012?

It’s all about the question of ‘Open’. It’s a chance for visual arts professionals and community to come together and engage in some robust discussion about what being ‘open’ means.


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